3 May 2018 / Zalakaros, Hungary
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3 May 2018
Zalakaros, Hungary
B Light - 2nd Conference & Matchmaking

“Beneficiary Light” Grant Scheme


Fostering value added business cooperation between SMEs operating on different sides of the Hungary-Croatia border

Priority 1, Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020


Beneficiary Light Grant Scheme 

The Beneficiary Light Grant Scheme is an SME development funding scheme specially designed for European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) and cross-border cooperation (CBC) programmes.



Co-financing rate

A maximum of 75% of the total eligible expenditure can be requested as grant from the Beneficiary Light Grant Scheme, the rest shall be covered as own contribution of Light Beneficiaries.

Light Project

Each Light Project should consist of at least one Light Beneficiary from each side of the border. 

Minimum cooperation level requirement within a Light Project is a value-added cross-border joint technology, service and product development by the cooperating Light Beneficiaries operating on different sides of the border for setting up cross-border supplier networks and/or for jointly engaging into foreign market.

Light Beneficiaries

The Light Beneficiaries are the beneficiary SMEs selected through a two-step selection procedure (Call for Light Concepts and Call for Light Project Proposals) in order to receive a subsidy from the Scheme.

The applying Light Beneficiaries have to be registered or have to have a branch operating in the programme area of the Cooperation Programme Hungary -Croatia.

Light Beneficiaries should fall into the category of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) stipulated in 651/2014/EU Regulation, Annex 1.


Minimum and maximum size of Light Projects per Light Beneficiary

Per Light Beneficiary

Total eligible costs (100%)

Maximum ERDF*  co-financing (75%)


EUR 40,000

EUR 30,000


EUR 180,000

EUR 135,000

*European Regional Development Fund  


  • Light Projects are selected through a two-step selection system via open calls (Call for Light Concepts Call for Light Project Proposals).
  • The 1st selection step (Light Concepts) should focus exclusively on the content-related aspects of Light Concepts submitted by cooperating SMEs.
  • Owing to the 1st step of selection, 2nd step of selection can be made on a pre-selected matured Light Project Proposals.
  • Light Project Proposal is prepared jointly by the cooperating SMEs with assistance of the External Project Support Facility (EPSF) that is free-of-charge for the Light Beneficiaries applicants.
  • Required language of Light Concepts and Light Project Proposals is English.



Closed since 30 April 2018


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